WordPress or Blogspot, choose which platform?

When it comes to blogging, so we have many options..

WordPress or Blogspot

WordPress or Blogspot, choose which platform?

When it comes to blogging, so we have many options to choose from, such as WordPress, Blogspot (Blogger), Tumblr and more. Also related is a very popular topic, blogging what’s great? WordPress or Blogspot (Blogger). Answering this question is a big confusing at times, because the more people that like blogspot account of lower tech hassles, the more features and more power because of his WordPress do. When someone asks me which platform I feel good, my reply is this:

My recommendation is that they always start from WordPress.com for a month, and once you understand and get along with, go to blogging, you should make your new self hosted WordPress platform blog. You are free to use the Blogging.com, like the way your launchpad, but sticking with it might not last long.

I can say this because I had to start my blogging life Blogger and WordPress.org later shift was on. Increased or difficult it was to learn to know anything before, but now WordPress is quite easy with the help of learning videos. In this article I will quick comparision share with you one of WordPress and Blogspot, and the conditions under which it will show you what should be platform use.

WordPress or BlogSpot: Which platform should I choose?

Blogspot: Why and why not?

Blogger or BlogSpot platform is very useful when you want to do a blog start, just to your thoughts share. When you do not blogging for money, or you need a platform which does not need of any technical knowledge, BlogSpot really great. Functionalities or BlogSpot in terms of SEO benefit a lot limitations, but overall if you want a platform for which it is 0 cost, BlogSpot is the right choice.

At the same time, if you are blogging for money, fame or for branding yourself, BlogSpot is not the ideas choice. Reason being, you have limited control on visibility in search engines, and after a while, you are limited with adding new features. I have read it many times, that Blogger is Google product, and it gives more SEO advantages, and it’s a pure rumour. It doesn’t matter if you are using WordPress, Blogger, Drupal or any other platform, SEO is decided by how you configure your complete site for search engines. In Blogger platform, we have limited control, and despite of the fact, they added new SEO features, BlogSpot still lacks in SEO optimization.

In Nutshell, Blogger platform WordPress platform is wonderful if you are building a blog for your passion, and you are satisfied with the limited features of the Blogger platform.

WordPress: Why and why not?

Mynetworlz uses WordPress as a blogging platform, but this will not make my reasoning bias. WordPress gives you complete control on your blog, and you could technically do anything you like. You get complete control on the SEO, you host your own files, you can add SEO plugins, which will help to make your blog more SEO friendly. More over, you can always add latest SEO techniques like start rating, Authorship without sweating.

WordPress gives you the freedom to do what you want, at the same time you have to manage your own blog. WordPress install on your Server will have to maintain and keep the blog. It may sound technical, but the WordPress community without the support of all the time you can learn to hit.

If you are building a blog, thinking that you have to make it popular, make money with it, you should self hosted WordPress blog prefer. If you are an occasional writer, or a hobby blogger, the BlogSpot is your best pick.

Which platform prefer you do? And why?

Any Question? Advice? Request? anything else ? Please do comment.


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