Website Loading Time 3 free tools to test

Website Loading Time 3 free tools to test

Search Engine Ranking and a great user experience for the blog loading time is an important factor. Even Google has said that the loading time of your website will be too much, you can be penalize for it.

To improve the loading time of your blog I’ll recommend to a Wp Total cache plugin use the CDN should also use such Cloudflare or MAXCDN.

Now you have to apply it to ensure that your new techniques to improve loading time of your blog is doing that, the website will have the loading time check. Here I am going to the three best online tools share a long loading time of your website or blog can easily check.

Moreover, these websites also suggest to you that you have to help your blog or website where all the improvements should be on. So let’s start this excellent list.

Website Loading Time 3 free tools to test


Website Loading Time 3 free tools to test

This is the first website that I recommend you do, they will analyze your webpage, with the changes would also recommend that you should make in your webpage.

It is also a WordPress plugin that allows you to offer your blog or website of your wordpress dashboard will be able to track the loading time.

Website Loading Time 3 free tools to test

Another great website to check your page load time, and the overall performance of your website gives a great overview. It tells you something about the better your page elements load Which Continue to take the most time, so you can easily improve.

The results you can sort by different parameters such as load order, load size, and more. This tool is also a great thing that gives you the idea that the best thing to happen external script load which is taking the most time. The History tab will tell you this one time with your blog or website to improve the loading time is how.


Website Loading Time 3 free tools to test

The performance of your website and loading time check is a more popular tool. The best thing is that these different locations offer you is to test, you can also select who you want to test the web browser to the website.

These are the best tools, which will give you the overall loading time of great information, and then you can work to improve the loading time.

I speed up the features of your website does not have to reduce the thing to keep in mind that your website loading time of 3-4 seconds to let grow. Another very important thing that is also the test that your website mobile friendly.

Tell me what your website’s loading time check to make use of the tool. If you have any Question, please share with us comments through the course.

Thank you for reading this blog post. Hope you will get useful information. If you’re engaged, please, please come and share with us Do not forget to subscribe.


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