MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 16 – 10 September 2016 Watch Online

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 16 - 10 September 2016 Watch..

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 16

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 16 – 10 September 2016 Watch Online

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 16 – 10 September 2016 Watch Online :- In the last episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9 we saw how princess Mia Lakra lost her cool on losing a task. The way she blamed at her connection Nikhil Sachdeva and warrior Karan Khanna who were also part of the same group for underperforming wasn’t really accepted by all. Seeing Mia’s behaviour even Nikhil lost his cool. But the final result of that task was princess Martina Thariyan with warriors Varun Sood and Gurmeet Singh won the task and survived the dumping ground. Since Nikhil had won the Patate Raho session task, even he’s in safe zone and all others in dumping zone. Today’s episode really did not start on a cool note. Mia was on fire; she started breaking plates and glasses and literally turned the villa upside down.

Splitsvillains in the house were trying to calm down princess Mia but her insecurity level with princess Martina had reached its peak. Her issues with Martina were just unimaginable because Nikhil gives priority to Martina and not her (Mia). More than connection it is the friendship between Nikhil and Martina and her group that is killing Mia. In the meanwhile the Splitsvillains get a scroll where its mentioned that they can decide with which Queen (Kavya or Rajnandini) they wish to go on date and try to impress them in order to get saved. It was expected that princess Mia will go to bold queen Kavya but that never happened instead she went to evil queen Rajnandini.

Princess Mia conveyed to Rajnandini how she feels left out due to Martina and her group and above all seeing Nikhil bonding with the trio and leaving her all alone. And hence she wishes to take revenge from them by staying with the same group. Rajnandini was definitely happy hearing the word revenge and hence supports Mia and even convinces her that Nikhil is playing the game and he’s not interested to make any connection. Mia actually fell in that trap and decided that if she survives this dumping ground then she will play the game in ‘The Mia Style’.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 16 – 10 September 2016 Watch Online

Later a scroll came and in it a message was being written get ready to meet the queens to convince them Ayaan and Abhishek went to Kavya she gave them chocolate and said them to eat it together while Archie and Karan Khanna went to Rajnandini and Archie Rajnandini had a romantic time there.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 16

Then time came for the dumping ground there Mia did some more drama as Nikhil only cares about Martina and not about her both Rannvijay and Sunny scolds Nikhil for that than dumping time came Rajnandini choose to open book for fortune

Book of fortune says that all the safe four have to send one in the danger zone and Nikhil went to danger zone with majority votes

Then book of fortune opens again and in it it was written both the queens have to dump one warrior each and together one princess

Rajnandini dumps Ayaan
Kavya dumps Archie
Rajandini and Kavya dumps Priya


Once again Book of fortune gets opened and it says both the queens remain unchallenged till the finale and only one princess from the remaining will reach the finale of Splitsvilla 9

Rajnandini gets angry she insults Gurmeet Kavya says if you talk to my connection like that again I will make your life in this villa a hell Rajnandini pledges to take her revenge from Kavya and her group.

Hope you Guys Enjoyed MTV splitsvilla 9 Episode 16 Watch Online. Stay Tuned to Catch More Updates. You can Enjoy MTV Splitsvilla 9 Full Episode 15 here on Official Voot Site.

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