What I learned at the age of 29 to buy a flat?

Buy a flat is a moment in which you feel..

buy a flat

What I learned at the age of 29 to buy a flat?

Buy a flat is a moment in which you feel very proud and I recently had a moment.


What I learned at the age of 29 to buy a flat?


Being a blogger I never thought would be real-estate My piece of cake, but I was wrong.

A flat I learned a lot from the research and purchase process and this article is for all of you who dream of owning their own property.

In this guide, along with mistakes share my experience and that I have also learned what all this work.

How it all began: a flat to buy

I was only 18 years old when I came to Delhi from his hometown, and the time when I realized that it is going to be my next home.

After all, that’s my grandfather did, that a small town in Rajasthan and were able to move from where they live now, Waha He earned his name from his work and established themselves.

Car when I was 23 years old, I bought my first, even my parents were also concerned about how I manage to do a car.

After my graduation, I lived in a rented house for years (circa 7 years), and it was not right for me to pay more rent, and I wanted to save money on your rental. It took me 6 years to come to a stage where I have all my savings invest, took loan from the bank and bought a flat that was going to just be ready.

I Noida, Expressway, Gurgaon spent countless days to see different properties. I spent countless hours on RealEstateForums, property buying tips and tricks to learn. Cheat by someone to be with me because I was too afraid of real estate-related posed heard many stories of scams. Luckily nothing happened to me like that!

In this guide, I’ll list some things that help me get to choose the right property and it will be helpful to anyone else who would be willing to buy a flat in the coming months.

Flat to buy Step by Step Guide:


Please identify the property in your budget

If you make a plan to buy a flat budgeting is a necessary thing. My scenario, I remain objective and not flat as investment. Both of which are things that have a great shopping. (Rhyis too and also Investment)

If so, please start with the budget and how to stay Area Know that you should. Make sure you have it with what should be the size of your flat. A 1200 SQ. Burst. flat or 1800 SQ. Burst. Flat? What he should have two-room or three-room? Some important questions you will have to decide yourself first.

Please begin now to take advantage of a dedicated real estate forum. This you will find out what the real estate deals reputed and together according to your requirement also find information about the properties. This is just a first stage where you will be doing homework and the real work will start when you go to see the property.

A Broker conduct a search:


Dictionary’s according, there is a definition of Brocker: “A person who buys and sells goods or provides asset to others,” and he will make money when finally someone would sell anything. Always remember broker is a salesman, and he specializes in making you feel is great.

The important fact here is that at least 5 brokers work with the property, please let them show you please suggest. In this process you will learn a lot about the real-estate market. After the meeting, you will meet 3-4 1-2 genuine brokers can get you a great deal.

Resale or Direct Purchase:

This is another valuable aspect which you have to keep in mind. Resale market is typically a bargain market where only Rs 10 / Sq. Burst. Can become a big difference. Buying direct from the builder is more transparent again on the same thing, depending on what you are going through brokers.

Some brokers have a property to sell at a particularly low price also have rights, and you have to find the brokers who have direct connection and are able to best deal for you. Make sure that all remnants of any middle man between you and it is not. You will have to pay more if you. On the other hand, 1-2 extra broker be a normal thing to do when you deal with resale property.

Mistakes you should not:

One thing that I would advise that you do not Khoyiye your patience and please do not wait too much longer. My daily earnings of approximately 50,000 INR and I spent months to find the flat, and then I’ll focus on the focus that’s the work in which I’m fine. Years later I can say that “money earned money are saved”

Invest in Research and Negotiating Your time was not only to increase your skills (which will help your whole life), and with it a more important life aspect “PATIENCE” ( “Patience”) will help in learning . To achieve success in any field is a key and real-estate under sufferance. This is also true for the art of Negotiation.

If you have a story that is sure to share this moment with us and then you have to tell it what it learned.

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