In Indian Society, Blogging, and How You Can Make Changes

Blogging in India is growing very fast, but the question..

blogging in india

In Indian Society, Blogging, and How You Can Make Changes

Blogging in India is growing very fast, but the question is whether the Indian society as it ever will be considered the main career option.

A lot of people in India who are part-time bloggers that they just can not understand that what happens in Indian society to be full-time blogger.

In this article, I’m with you some fun facts, as well as in Indian society will share the bitter truth about working from home.

Professional blogging is still in India is not considered a full-time job. Indeed, for any online job part-time job it is supposed to be involved.

It is mainly caused by computer illiteracy and the generation gap.

Now some facts about Indian society see professional blogging.

Working from home is not for everyone:

Whether you accept it or not, but the Indian society is very conservative, and people or culture or assumptions change in the long-prevailing mentality is always the hardest to get.

India to work from home is always considered to be part-time job, and it is understood only for passive income. Moreover, in the Indian society any young person (23-35) in a way to work from home full time is unacceptable. Regardless of how much we say that we do not care about what people say or society. But the truth is that for most of us it does matter. And if it does matter to you, then it does matter to the people involved.

Internet work in India, the main source of income ever considered why, one reason is that most of the Indian population (68-71%) rural India lives and still not very widely used Internet is done.

People are blogging explain difficult:

I’m the last one-year professional blogger and perhaps people have asked me about 100 times what I am working!

When I tell them that I am a blogger, I “What is blogging ??” asking can see their confused faces.

blogging in india

Blogging about them in some way if I’ll also explain that, his next question: “What I’m really earns money from blogging ??”

A few days ago I was waiting in line at the passport office, and at the same time rising and shining Indian future discussions about a young BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) graduate came from. I was surprised to learn that her blogging, Internet marketing, or how to make money online by working did not know anything about. The worst thing is that it is not an isolated case. Most people in India are unaware of the presence of blogs or blogging.

Most of the time I asked questions about my work’ll give the answer, saying that “I create website.” I am confident that I am not the only person who because of their profession in this way explain frustration does.

My work and other Internet based work related to the ignorance that exists here for him if I have to blame someone, so I’ll do the Indian education system, rather than the practical application is limited to only text book education.

Bringing about a change in Indian society with blogging:

If you are familiar with my blogging style you probably given up by a solution or work-around for the problem will be expected. Also, if you are reading this article then you are one of the bright minds of the future of India, and the Indian community in you (or any country where you live) has the potential to bring real change.

Start educating:

All of my friends, relatives or other people who work need to Invite, and educate them about blogging or online work. Let them know the meaning of blogging is not writing poetry or about midnight thoughts, but for you and for other people to work and have a way of bringing about a change. Smart passive income you may earn it, and know when you should change your ideas next big thing.

Tell people that they will have the opportunity not only to educate and change society, but they also will have the opportunity to make a name for themselves. They earn passive income for themselves and for others may become part of the process of opening up new avenues.

Here’s an example: tell your relatives retired army officer, he still protected his country from its enemies, and now on their knowledge and wisdom by using the time to educate Indian youth is the future.

Start your blog in any niche, you can offer information. If you do not like to write, then video blogging begin!

Here to change the world in a significant way cooperation has been another example of your friends to rape the girls on the streets of India’s anger, rather than tell them taking out your anger on Facebook for girls self- defense can write a blog! What the Indian government to ensure the safety of women should take the initiative to write a article! Scope You are innumerable.

People you know, humans possess the most lethal weapon: writing Explain.

Show them the money:

blogging in india

Whenever I write about blogging so I do not tell about your daily diary blog, but rather to use to monetize your blog will tell you about. As we all know, money is one of the biggest motivational forces because all the money is needed. Blogging is fun and interesting, and the people know that it can earn money from blogging, it will certainly increase their interest.

Many professional bloggers blogging in India only earns each month from 1-10 million, a software engineer who earned the equivalent of two to three years!

So – in India are professional bloggers who are earning only 1500-15,000 PER MONTH from blogging.

No one really can not say that blogging is not a good profession!

Coming back to your starting point:

Ad networks such as Google AdSense, which are easier to use and can help you to earn passive income.

Corporations also are taking blogging seriously:

how much social media has changed the society and the role of social shopping in the consumer decision-making, we have already discussed. There is no doubt in the fact that your readers blogs are very effective in decision making process. Because of this, many PR companies blogging now taking seriously, and in an attempt to increase their business models are aligned with those bloggers.

Mobile companies such as Micromax and Samsung to promote their products are working with bloggers, and is proving to be very beneficial for them.

Inbound marketing Recognizing the importance of the big companies in terms of blogging for engagements and events are now separate budget. In fact, many of them in addition to the press events are also a separate program for bloggers.

Based on my experience here, I have a few observations:

Males are more active in the Indian blogosphere.

Females blogging starts, but only few of them are able to keep her long.

Most Indian technology niche blogs are related.

Indian blogosphere’s main problem is the lack of initial funding and adequate direction.

College students and 16-25 year old people are extremely active in blogging world,


BlogAdda and Indiblogger are many forums, for which Indian bloggers are working very hard to create a community and corporations as well as to connect with the Indian bloggers are working.

In short, blogging industry is growing rapidly, but the direction is lacking. You and I together can transform. The most important change in human history began in a small room. He makes us a room!

This is my approach. If you want to add your thoughts in the discussion below in the comments section, please feel free to express your views.


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