Black Hat Seo and White Hat Seo techniques 2016

Black Hat Seo and White Hat Seo techniques :- Whenever a..

Black Hat Seo and White Hat Seo techniques

Black Hat Seo and White Hat Seo techniques 2016

Black Hat Seo and White Hat Seo techniques :- Whenever a guide at Search Engine Optimization comes to writing, I’d use words carefully. Because many readers take it in the wrong context and the use of White Hat SEO techniques to a degree, then start to Black Hat SEO. As the color suggests, Black tells the White something wrong here refers to the practice of fair and accurate.

If you run a website or blog is a little bit of experience, then perhaps you will know the meaning of White Hat and Black Hat SEO. But many do not know the difference in these two methods of newbies SEO. Especially when they do something read that “Backlinks your website’s ranking will improve.” And when they see that Fiverr or Black Hat SEO forum as websites on “thousands of link in less than $ 10” see about that so they buy the instant such offers and feel it is a reward Matching’ve won. Then later discover that come from such links Spam or automated websites that do evil than to do good.

Google also gives penalize them, but I do not entirely their fault, because they had been given false information. If you are one of them, so always remember that new bloggers to become rich is not a shortcut. Just to get a good ranking is not any shortcut. Website ranking of the increase is a slow process and it will be a lot of things to work on. We will discus about various ranking factors some other day, for now it’s time to learn and understand the differences between Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO. This will not only save you from making mistakes like other newbie, you will also learn what are the good SEO practices that you should be following for your blog.

Black hat SEO techniques are the one which are not favored or preferred and are considered faulty and improper methods of SEO implications. Whereas White Hat SEO techniques are just opposite of Black Hat SEO techniques and are always welcome in the SEO world.

What is basic difference between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO techniques?

Black Hat Seo and White Hat Seo techniques

To any work is always a good and a wrong way. About SEO Techniques That applies. Some SEO professionals internationally criteria, parameters and are recommended trends follow. All the major search engines. The set of techniques which follow all these guidelines set by search engines are said to be White Hat SEO techniques.

But the problem starts when people begin to use White Hat SEO, such that it is spreading like spam and shortly after it becomes a Black Hat SEO or search engines which do not accept. Similarly, White hat SEO back link building is an example of using the wrong. The Guest posting and Article Directory submission, which was a kind of blogging, back link building has been closed due.

In a way, Black hat technique is always used by SEO people to rank anything higher in short-term and one biggest disadvantage of black hat methods are, they don’t last for long. More over, website using black-hat techniques are usually blacklisted by major search engines. Now, lets look at some of the common Black Hat SEO methods being used today.

Black Hat SEO techniques

There are many techniques which can be called as Black Hat SEO technique, which is not supported and should not be accepted by a responsible SEO professional. I am listing few of shortcuts or faulty measures which are considered as bad way of applying SEO techniques.

. Cloaking :- Some visitors to the same page of the search engine and make two version. When the search engine spider or boat crawl these pages that satisfy this page to make the process becomes, but visitors to display something else happens. This process is called cloaking.

. Meta Tag Stuffing :- Any SEO process must note that when writing the meta tag keyword in the page content, do they represent him. In a keyword meta tag of any use beyond measure is always considered as meta tag stuffing.

. Keyword Stuffing :- The confusion is always in debates on how the percentage will be good for keyword density SEO Techniques. To confirm it is not a fix parameter. But most prefer to do the SEO professionals 2-3% keyword density. Search Engines boats to only the illusion create more keyword using the wrong technique and is generally known as Keyword Stuffing.

. Doorway or Gateway Pages :- These are low quality web pages, that contain content that is not enough, but it is full of keyword stuffing. Poor quality page in the process of making the stated Doorway or Gateway pages.

Mirror Websites :- In this process a person makes many websites but all of them have the same kind of content.

. Page Hijacking :- Page Hijacking is the technique in which the crawler creates a dummy and bogus content is to serve as the original content. But any user sends nasty or fraud website.

These are some of the infamous techniques which we should avoid while working on SEO aspect of any website.

White Hat SEO Techniques

The way to avoid some of the techniques needed to, just to make the website search engine friendly and also have some methods which is highly recommend to follow. These techniques are called the White Hat SEO techniques. The SEO professionals helps to use the wrong methods.

. Non-Deception :- The first aspect is the White Hat SEO techniques and finally to deception to avoid as much as possible. The original copies of your website bots / crawlers and visitors must provide both.

. Follow Search Engine Guidelines :- SEO techniques, without any doubt are done for improving search engine performances of websites, which makes sure that website achieves its objective. But in achieving this target abide by the guidelines of the search engine, violating which may be very expensive at times. You can browse official Google webmaster guidelines.

. Serve visitors :- White Hat SEO technique, it clearly says that the images and content visitors to the website are made and manipulate the results in any search engine or not. Simple or golden rule you should follow to keep the positive side.

. Good quality content :- Content is the key factor in SEO techniques, it does not leave space at all for low quality content. Any SEO professional good quality content for the search engine and visitors should take the same job which is both informative and helpful. Czech Out Negative attributes high quality content.

. Good quality web pages :- Good quality web pages always use only. The web pages have some good quality ensures that small changes in the algorithm of search engine processes despite the good performance of the website will remain in condition.

All these have to follow the simple White Hat SEO techniques and to avoid all the Black Hat SEO techniques in this rapidly changing world the healthy will your website. More over when you hire a SEO company or a SEO freelancer to work on optimisation of your site, you should definitely ask the stuff like:

. What link building techniques you are going to use?
. What are the changes you will be making on the site?
. What methods you are using to rank me for this keyword?


If you have any suggestion or problem about Black Hat Seo and White Hat Seo techniques please feel free to comment below.

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